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The craft of barbering is a centuries-old tradition that has evolved over time. In its early days, barbers were also surgeons, dentists, and pharmacists. They would perform a variety of medical procedures, including bloodletting, tooth extraction, and the application of leeches. As medicine advanced, barbers began to focus more on haircutting and shaving. They also began to offer other services, such as facials, massages, and hair coloring.

Barbering is more than just a job. It’s literally a calling. Barbers are skilled professionals who take pride in their work. We are confidants and friends. Our craft is built on trust and respect that we do not take lightly.

It is important to us at ecdysis to stay true to our barber roots. The barber shop is a place of community, and in the past has even been considered a sanctuary. It’s our goal to recreate this as the culture at ecdysis.

The story behind the brand

Ecdysis is the struggle of self, towards growth. One of our key objectives within this shop is education. To stop learning is to stop growing. We ensure ongoing education for our barbers, enabling us to impart knowledge to you and deliver the finest experience possible.

The logo was inspired by the history of the barber pole and it’s relation to the caduceus, a medical symbol which also represents magic, alchemy, trade, eloquence, negotiation, and wisdom.

ecdysis barbers

We love what we do. No joke. We strive to create an environment that you can vibe with. The way we see it, it’s not just about shedding that outer cuticle layer. It’s about taking the time to allow yourself to be refreshed.

Rafael Perfecto


In a world of pixels and code, where bios often unfold, There’s a man, a myst’ry untold, a tale yet to be scrolled. No words to paint his vivid hue, nor a clue to construe, Yet his presence sparks a curious brew, a riddle anew.
With a wink that whispers mischief and a grin that dances free, He navigates this digital sea with enigmatic glee. No bio binds his merry flight, no script to cage his might, He’s the whimsy in the night, a star without a plight.
In this realm where bios reign supreme, he’s the bard of the unseen, crafting tales with pixels agleam, a dreamer in the machine. So, here’s to the man without a bio, in this world where words may flow, May his spirit ever glow, in the land of ones and zeroes.

Courtney Layne


Courtney has been giving badass fades for almost 20 years. With a variety of skills, straight razor face shaves are her favorite. Her intuitively creative nature fosters a genuinely relaxing experience.

Billie Jean


I’m starting my journey as an apprentice with ecdysis barbershop. I’ve always been a social butterfly and it’s what lead me down this path. I’m excited for the future and honored to be apart of it.

Kory Marsden


In a quaint little strip, where laughter’s the air, lives a barber renowned, with flair beyond compare. With scissors unstrung and clippers set aside, He spins yarns of jest, where mirth doth abide.
His chair’s like a stage, his comb a wand of glee, Each visitor a player in his comedy spree. With a wink and a smile, he welcomes one and all, In his cozy domain, where chuckles never fall.
No shears to snip or razors to trace, Just tales to weave and jokes to embrace. He trims not the tresses but the gloom in the mind, Leaving patrons refreshed, laughter entwined.
His scissors may rust, his clippers may dull, But the humor he wields is forever full. For in his humble shop, joy finds its seat, As the barber of jest makes life’s edges sweet.
So, if ever you seek more than a haircut to bear, Visit the barber of joy, for laughter to share. For in his domain, where jest knows no strife, you’ll leave not just groomed but renewed in life.


Zach Kragel


Man of many trades but barbering is home.



With over a decade of experience, I’ve been all over the world, learning how to groom the everyday man. I specialize in educating all my clients on how to care for their grooming/skin care needs after they’re out of my chair. I can cut any texture of hair, as well as conduct an enriching facial cleansing experience, I will ensure a great experience in my chair. All barbers are not equal, come and see the difference.

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